Thursday, May 24, 2007


I kept wondering after reading through the entries to Idea Forum's win a ticket competition, if the whole planning thing has gotten to me and i can only think of things in one way.

We got a good number of entries from people but not as many as we might have wanted. The reason might be that we failed to explain properly what we were after. Among some ideas we also got a lot of executions (prints or posters per se) which i thought was very interesting.
When we first talked about and Idea Forum what we had in mind was more of a strategy oriented event and less of a creative one. Ideas, as defined by us back then, were not insights, nor creative interpretations of ideas but visions of how to change things you thought needed changing. Very much in the spirit of "Hate something, change something". Ideas, like Guy Kawasaki said, were not related to making an Italic version of a existent font but rather to making a whole new way of looking at written communication.

i think that by gathering together a lot of people who can think of communication in these terms we might be up to something with IF.

so keep sending them...


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