Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reprezentatie de Digital Ninja la Bucuresti

Faris Yakob, Digital Ninja la Naked Communication, este unul dintre invitatii internationali ce vor vorbi despre noi idei si inovatie in marketing la Idea Forum, in iunie, la Bucuresti. Pana atunci, sunteti invitati sa-l vizitati pe Faris aici.

Misiunea Idea Forum este aceea de a arata ca astazi inovatia conduce comunicarea eficienta si ca ideile noi conving consumatorul.

Un alt invitat este Russell Davies, un om de marketing si blogging care (cred ca) nu mai are nevoie de o prezentare. Daca totusi are nevoie, aici ii gasiti blogul. De fapt, pot spune ca Russell este invitatul principal al Idea Forum.

Pentru cei ce au deschis blogul (meu) un pic mai tarziu, Russell este omul/ blogul care "m-a convins" sa dezvolt acest blog. L-am intalnit pe Russell in urma cu mai bine de doi ani, cand a venit pentru prima oara in Romania (bucharest 1 & 2), dar am apucat doar sa schimbam cateva cuvinte de salut. Am descoperit apoi blogul sau. I-am ratat si prezentarea de anul trecut de la Ateneu. Ei bine, acum se intoarce si vine cu forte proaspete. Detalii un pic mai incolo.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Idea Forum in June

Some friends and I were talking that there are so many things that are happening right now and we hear about them from fantastic campaigns and the blogs of some really insightful people. But we are simply reading about them and it's sort of vicarious living when we should be doing them.
Naturally to do something you need to know how it works and that's why we though it might be a great idea to get together some people to discuss new ideas in marketing and comms. Russell is one of them - he just seems to be the one leading the way into a new age of planning.

The other person would have to be someone from Naked Communications. Simply because they are impossible to define. One of the founders of Naked said that the company was set up because "the industry is institutionally incapable of giving clients the smartest ideas. How ad agencies and media agencies that decide where ads run are built like factories, focused on one output (and that output is their handcuff)." Naked is an idea company...

I said I would love to hear these people speak about how we can integrate new ideas in old ways, and how we can convince people to buy into brand content, and advertising which is entertainment.

So, because this tends to happen a conference pops up doing just this. These people will be here, in Bucharest in June. Russell, Faris - digital ninja from Naked and another big surprise. Speaking about innovation in comms.

Sound interesting? Wanna come?