Monday, May 28, 2007

What IF 16 - 18

What if... people would really feel cared for when they go out (dancing, eating, chatting)? What if they’d feel like they belong there? Instead of just staring out at each other?
In a market where service is still an unknown known and when people need guidance/belonging/connecting more than ever – wouldn’t it be nice to create a place where people would feel like home – just a silent breath in the race for time?
* You could write on the tables, just like you leave post-it notes on your fridge.
* Get to know your barista?
* Get to chat to your table neighbour?
* Allowed by invitation only from a friend – so that you get a chance to meet his other friends (best for clubs, I reckon)
* Pick your favourite music
* Suggest and actually get your own food recipes (named after you would be great).
And no, I don’t mean Starbucks; I mean your place near home/office/whatever

What if… museums in Romania wouldn’t be a just once in a lifetime visit when you are a kid? Imagine they were home to all sorts of interesting exhibitions (big scale exhibitions) – properly advertised, to all sorts of events (book launch, product launch, car launch, fashion shows) that would wipe the dust off the museums? What if they were less of the places for all things past and more of a place for present and future ideas?

What if… advertising or any piece of brand communication would be more like a product that people should buy in order for brands to get across? I’m thinking then, and only then advertisers (actually anyone involved in communications) would start thinking how to do real valuable pieces of communication.
Advertising conceived as a product – people have to want it because:
- It’s rare (erm, not exactly like gold but close enough) – e.g. Gmail invite
- It’s entertaining (like Innocent’s Village fete
- It’s valuable in some way (learning – e.g. Crem Caffé holding barista seminars and food culture seminars and book shop)

-- Monica Dumitriu

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