Monday, June 4, 2007

WHAT IF 67-69

What if... we would need a TVC (TV commercial) for a ketchup?

What if ...we had a guy sitting at his table in the kitchen, eating something, with a bottle of ketchup in his hand.
Suddenly, he realises that the bottle is almost empty and shakes it really hard. No point in doing that because there is nothing left.
Then, he remembers something and his face expression changes. He gets up and runs to the wash machine. He starts trowing out all the clothes in there until he finally finds a shirt. He stares at the shirt with satisfaction. Then, he's getting ready to "taste" it.
Here's where the camera gets closer and we can see that the shirt has a ketchup stain on it.
The slogan would be: It's taste is addictive. The catchiest ketchup.

--Adelina Geanina Enache

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