Sunday, April 29, 2007

Faris Yakob speaks at Idea Forum

So it's confirmed: Faris Yakob speaks at Idea Forum in June and he will cover stuff on transmedia communication and generating transmedia ideas. There is also a workshop involved...

I have been reading some stuff about Faris. he apparently got started at OMD and then moved directly to Naked wehere he worked on some cool accounts like 118-118, Yahoo, Sony etc. People at local Leo might be particularly interested in listening to him because he was chief strategist for the Orange account for 2 years. He was also toying with being a trend analyst for the insight team at Naked (something I always wanted to do) but what you might not know is that he used to write for Maxim the mag :-)

He has a blog of his own here and he's set up a networking site for planners, kindof complementing Russell's plannersphere, which you can join if you want here


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